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Dead Island 2 - PC Version


Dead Island 2 Video Game. Sounds good for you ? well for me too.

What we know about Dead Island 2 - The Reality Review

We know that will be launched in the Spring of 2015.

We also know that a trailer is available (see it here)

We also know that the game (game map) will be in a similar location to Miami, if not maybe is in Miami ? which is very good. (nice beach and buildings)

What we also know ? Use comments to tell us more if you have some informations.

Now what we hope for Dead Island 2


We hope for more vehicles like : ATV vehicles, Motorcycles, some small helicopters ? tanks in army base, military unit vehicles, stealth SUV, Armored van and a drone ?

A drone with a weapon mounted will be nice.

Guns / Weapons

What you say about a sniper rifle with silencer to clear your path ?

What you say about a crosswbow like Daryl Dixon from The Walking Dead have ?

More machine guns in game would be nice.

Pictures from real life that we want in Dead Island 2.

A helicopter like this one ? or to have a robot like that one from picture when are too many zombies / walking deads ?

The Reality

Actualy will be no tanks, no helicopters from what we see in first trailer but will see.

Dead Island 2 will use Unreal Engine 4 And will be available for : PC Microsoft Windows , PlayStation 4 and Xbox One

What is it uses Unreal Engine 4 ?

It means that you will need to have at least Windows 7 64 bits installed and a video card with directx 11.

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